Friday, February 8, 2013

Vampire Academy Movie

i'm freaking out right now because FINALLY we have VAMPIRE. ACADEMY. MOVIE !!!

 i just open a channel on youtube and read comment about vampire academy cast. no, wait. what ?! what ?! what ?! vampire academy cast ?!  REALLYYYY ???!!

so, i looking for the news and VOILA !! it really happen. really.

 i moved. cheers.. for us :")

but, here's the thing. there is NO ben barnes as dimitri belikov because it belongs to danila kozlovsky... YES.

i know honey, i am really frustrated too... and STILL HAPPY !! because finally i can watch it and do moreeeeee fangirling. just hope danila can say "ROZA" as hot as dimitri (on my mind) say it.
ah, i'm waiting for adrian, cristian and mason official cast XD


  1. ini film mmg (ato drama), ato ada bukuny dlu?

  2. awalnya novel berseri (tapi seri 5 & 6 nya belum keluar di sini -____-) terus mau di film kan :D judulnya blood sister, huh kayaknya bakalan beda deeeeh -_____-