Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshop

Format : E-Book
244 Pages
Rating : 3 / 5 

Buku ini berisi tentang percakapan baik itu sesama customer atau customer dan bookseller. Ada yang lucu, ada yang mengherankan, ada yang menjengkelkan.. yaaaa nggak nyangka aja percakapan seperti ini bisa terjadi di bookshop. Berlatar toko buku antik di UK, ternyata banyak juga pelanggan yang ajaib-ajaib. Antara percaya nggak percaya tapi apa salahnya dibaca.

BOOKSELLER: Can I help at all?
CUSTOMER: Yes, where’s your fiction section?
BOOKSELLER: It starts over on the far wall . Are you looking for anything in particular?
CUSTOMER: Yes, any books by Stefan Browning.
BOOKSELLER: I’m not familiar with him, what kind of books has he written?
CUSTOMER: I don’t know if he’s written any. You see, my name’s Stefan Browning, and I always like to go into bookshops to see if anyone with my
name has written a book.
BOOKSELLER: . . . right.
CUSTOMER: Because then I can buy it, you see, and carry it around with me and tell everyone that I’ve had a novel published. Then everyone will
think I’m really cool, don’t you think?
WOMAN: Hi, where are your copies of Breaking Dawn? I can’t see any on the shelf.
BOOKSELLER: Sorry, I think we’ve sold out of the Twilight books; we’re waiting on more.
WOMAN: What?
BOOKSELLER: We should have some more in tomorrow.
WOMAN: But I need a copy now. I finished the third one last night.
BOOKSELLER: I’m sorry, I can’t help you.
WOMAN: No, you don’t understand, I’ve taken the whole day off work to read it.
WOMAN: Can you call your wholesaler and see if they can deliver this afternoon?
BOOKSELLER: They only—
WOMAN: And then I can wait here for them.
BOOKSELLER: I’m sorry, they only deliver in the morning.
BOOKSELLER: . . . we have many other books.
WOMAN (sniffs): Do any of those have Robert Pattinson in them?

(Customer comes into the shop with her five year old son)
CUSTOMER: Come on, Alfie, take your shoes off.
BOOKSELLER: It’s OK... you don’t have to take your shoes off to come into the bookshop.
CUSTOMER: Please don’t encourage him. I’m trying to train him to remember to take his shoes off in the house because we’ve got new carpets.
The more he does it, the more he’ll remember.

CUSTOMER: Do you have a copy of Jane Eyre?
BOOKSELLER: Actual y, I just sold that this morning, sorry!
CUSTOMER: Oh. Have you read it?
BOOKSELLER: Yes, it’s one of my favourite books.
CUSTOMER: Oh, great (sits down beside bookseller). Could you tell me all about it? I have to write an essay on it by tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: What books could I buy to make guests look at my bookshelf and think: ‘Wow, that guy’s intelligent’?

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