Thursday, January 24, 2013

Modern Family #2

Jumlah Episode : 24
Season : 2
Rating : 5 / 5

Seperti sebelum-sebelumnya, modern family tetap bisa membuat penontonnya menangis dan tertawa disaat yang bersamaan, selalu ada quotes yang keren, dan hebohnya keluarga ini seperti tidak ada habisnya. Luke yang masih bertingkah lucu, manny tetap bertingkah laku seperti layaknya orang dewasa, dan karakter-karakter lainnya yang tetap seperti season sebelumnya, oh kecuali phil (kenapa? Nonton sendiri :D)

Episode 1
“nobody loves change. But, part of lif is learning to let things go.” --- Phil 

Episode 10
Cam : mitchell, there’s a stranger in our hot tub !
Mitchell : who is it ?
Cam : you do know what stranger means, don’t you ?
Mitchell : omg, how long has he been there ?
Cam : i saw him exactly one second before you. You know everything i know.”

Episode Mother’s Day
“why would i say something terrible to someone i love ?” --- Manny
“That’s what parents are for. Sometimes they criticize because it helps make you stronger.”--- Claire

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