Thursday, August 30, 2012

Modern Family #1

"everybody's afraid of something, right? Height, clowns, tight spaces. those are thing you get over. But then, there's your children. Will they fit it ? Will they be safe ? Those are tears you never get past. So sometimes, all you can do is take a deep breath, pull them close, and hope for the best. But you got to love it when they do"  ----Phil

"Can people change ? I dont know. People are who they are. Give or take 15%. That's how much people can change if they really want to. Whether it's for themselves or for the people they love. Yea, it's 15%. But you know what ? Sometimes that's just enough" ----Mitchell

"At that moment all i want was to be with my family. But of course, that meant finding a way to apologize to the people i had bellitled and rejected.............. They could have been petty. They really could have made me pay, but they didn't. and i've never love them more" ----Claire

"You just need to find your inner beauty" ----Gloria "it's hiding beneath a mask of insecurity" ----Manny

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